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Information about Coweta and Fayette County Georgia

What to see & do in Coweta County

What to see and do in Coweta County Part 1: The Old Courthouse Square

Old Newnan Courthouse illuminated at night
Old Newnan Courthouse illuminated at night

What is there to see and do in Coweta County Georgia? The short answer is “plenty!”

Coweta County Georgia offers everything from pristine natural beauty to a wide variety of  shopping and dining opportunities! Add to that some Civil War history, local music legends, and of course a lot of movie magic. Continue reading

Hutchinson Hardware Senoia GA

Hutchinson Hardware Senoia Georgia

Hutchinson Hardware Senoia prior to building restoration
Hutchinson Hardware Senoia 001

Senoia Georgia once enjoyed prosperity as a center of agricultural commerce in Southeastern Coweta County Georgia.

In these rural towns the hardware store was a fixture. And Hutchinson Hardware served the citizens of Senoia for many, many years.

New upscale boutique store in Senoia GA
Hutchinson Hardware is now an upscale Boutique Store Complex in Senoia GA

But times change and today Senoia is an eclectic mixture of restaurants, boutique shops, and service businesses. The hardware store building was adapted to accommodate the new upscale image of the town.

In addition, several new buildings have been constructed that maintain the “look and feel” of the historic downtown. The integrity of architectural character takes one back to the the early 20th century despite the fact that some of the new buildings were built within the last decade.

Senoia has boasted a movie studio for some time, and many scenes from feature films and television shows were produced there. Today it serves as a major shooting location for the AMC hit television series “The Walking Dead.” Fans of the show from all over the country and the world flock to the town to see where the fictional apocalypse takes place.

Senoia has certainly changed over the last twenty years. And most people would agree that it has changed for the better!

Photos of the Coweta County Fair